How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

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How to Research Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

Step #1: List down a list of all relevant, important topics, depending on what you understand about your business.

Think about all the topics that you want to rank for. Use this list to come up with some keywords. This would be a lot easier if you put yourself in your buyer persona’s shoes. What kinds of topics would your target readers love? If you need further help regarding topics and your target readers, feel free to acquire reliable SEO services in Malaysia to make the job easier.

Step #2: Fill in your topic buckets with keywords.

It’s time to determine the keywords that fall on those topics or buckets. What are those keyword phrases you want to rank for? Surely, your target customers are implementing searches for those particular search terms.

Step #3: Research on related search terms.

Are you having a hard time thinking of related keywords about your topic? You can just go to Google, and then have a look at the related search terms that show up when you type in a keyword. From there, you will see some keyword suggestions highly related to your original input. Take note of these keywords, since they can spark new ideas that you may want to consider.

Step #4: Check long-tail keywords and head terms in every bucket.

Head terms are those keywords phrases which are more generic and shorter. They are usually just 1 to 3 words in length, based on who you talk to. Meanwhile, long-tail keywords are longer keyword phrases with 3 or more words. Check a mix of both. It can give you a well-balanced keyword strategy, with long-term and short-term wins.

Step #5: Check how your competitors are ranking for these keywords.

Just because a certain keyword is crucial to your competitor, doesn’t mean that it’s also important for you. Though, you need to understand what keywords they want to rank for. This would give you more keyword lists to evaluate.

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