How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes: 5 Effective Rules

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How to Match Your Watch with Your Clothes: 5 Effective Rules

1. Metal complements metal

This rule applies both in styling your shoes and clothes. The metals utilize din order to make the frame around the watch face and band include titanium, platinum, silver, gold or steel. These should match the metal accents of your other accessories such as belt buckle, shoe buckle, cuff links and rings. Thus, all of your accessories must be either be silver or gold. If you are thinking of wearing a rose gold watch, wear a belt with a rose gold belt buckle. A yellow gold one will also look good on this.

2. Metal watch bands look better with specific colors, shoes and clothes

Are you thinking of getting a new mechanical watch in Malaysia? If you want a piece with a metal strap, wear it with either black or brown shoes. Keep in mind that certain metal colors go well with certain shoes/clothes and colors. Blue, gray and black outfits will look better with silver watches. Gold watches, on the other hand, go well with earth tones, tans, beiges and browns.

3. Heirloom timepieces bend the rules

Your heirloom watch represent a legacy. These pieces are worn as a good luck charm, or in memory of its original owner. People don’t wear this as part of the last fashion trends. It serves as a reminder of family culture and history.

4. Leather complements leather

A leather strap is the most versatile type of strap you can wear. However, you still need to make sure that it goes well with the color of your shoes, belt and clothes. Wear your black watch band with black belt and shoes. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be that same exact color. Just see to it that it has a similar tone.

5. Match the formality of your timepiece with your outfit

A formal watch should be paired with a formal outfit. First, you need to familiarize yourself with different types of watches. The broadest watch categories are digital watches and analog watches. The analog watch is the best choice when it comes to versatility. This type of timepiece is a classic, making them suitable for both formal events and casual wear.

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