7 Tips For Creating A Winning Mobile App Payment Screen

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7 Tips For Creating A Winning Mobile App Payment Screen


Payment’s Pretty Important So It’s Important To Make It Look Good


Do you want your target audience to accomplish something? Encourage them to allow notifications and make purchases. If you are running an E-Commerce business, it’s best to focus on your payment screen.



Keep Users Safe


Choose payment options wisely. PayPal is one of the most popular payment gateways anywhere in the world. You might want to include this, as well as other reliable options.



Go Crash-Crushing And Bug-Hunting


One of the most annoying glitches in payment screens? When users encounter tons of error messages, and screens that never loads. Ensure that no bugs are confusing, distracting and bothering users.



Make Your Users Feel Safe


Let your users know that your mobile app is safe from cyberattacks. Hackers can steal credit card information right away, so see to it that your payment SDK are privacy protected and secure.



Put Yourself In Your Users’ Position


If you don’t know what they are experiencing on your app’s payment screen, you’ll never know how to make their experiences a lot better. UX research, empathy, feedback and analytics can help you understand user behavior a lot better. From there, you can do adjustments and improvements.



Test The Payment Screen On Various Devices


Different screen sizes and devices can have different usability problems. Don’t worry, though. These issues can easily be addressed through rigorous testing. Make sure that all devices can display your app’s payment screen properly.



Make It Easy For Your Audience


People hate filling up credit card details and long forms. It should only take around two to three minutes.



Always Display The Payment Breakdown


Human error can occur at all times. This is the reason why you should display their order details properly, as well as the total prices and shipping address during the checkout is an element every mobile app design company should add to ecommerce apps.



Payment screens may seem like unimportant aspects, but they are actually crucial for an E-Commerce app’s success. Don’t allow all of your hard work to go to waste. By making sure that your payment screen is good, you can provide great user experience.


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