6 Basic Questions to Ask Your Website Homepage

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6 Basic Questions to Ask Your Website Homepage

1. What do you want your website visitors to accomplish?

You would want to educate people, establish trust, generate more leads, grow your email list, and sell products. It’s all about implementing good digital marketing campaigns that support your goals. Focus on your desired actions.

2. Were you able to incorporate evidence that support your marketing claims?

Your website is a marketing tool with downloadable brochures complete with marketing claims. You must be able to provide information that can support these claims. Look at your web pages. Check how many of these claims are not supported.

3. Do all web pages have call-to-action buttons?

Many web pages are dead ends. You should be able to encourage website visitors to do certain actions in favor of your digital strategy. Make sure your homepage has an effective call-to-action button. It must be visually prominent, with specific button labels.

4. What’s going on the lives of your visitors?

Each homepage must tell a unique story that will capture the attention and emotions of visitors. There is a reason why they came to your website. What are they looking for? What are the problems they are trying to solve? How can you help them solve their issues? Everything on your homepage must flow from there.

5. Can website visitors tell what you do in an instant?

Each website visitor begins with the same question. Is this the right website? You should be able to tell them in an instant that you have what they need. Focus on your website homepage headlines. These engaging headers make communication a lot faster.

6. Is your web content well formatted for users to scan easily?

The best website design services include some guidance on web content formatting. Why don’t you create a page that works perfectly for scanners by delivering formatting that makes it easy to browse through?

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