15 Remarkable Places You Should VIsit in Kuala Lumpur

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15 Remarkable Places You Should VIsit in Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Towers

The Petronas Twin Towers are locally known as the Rocket Twin Towers and Jagung Kembar (meaning Twin Corns), located in the heart of the city where large corporate organizations operate their businesses. The two buildings are linked on the 41st and 42nd floors by a double-story Skybridge.


Check out KLCC Park for a walk and enjoy the greenery in this busy city, either by yourself or with a KL girl escort. The park occupies 20 hectares of land. Rare species of trees and plants are transplanted in the region along with around 2,000 indigenous trees. The park was designed to promote biodiversity and conservation. Certain facilities installed in the park include a lake, fountains, waterfalls, play areas, and a playground for children.

Suria KLCC

At the foot of the Petronas Towers sits Suria KLCC Shopping Complex. (KLCC stands for the middle of Kuala Lumpur). With many designer stores, boutiques and food courts, it is one of the biggest shopping malls in Malaysia. The Petronas Philharmonic Hall, the Petrosains Science Discovery Centre, the Petronas Art Gallery and the Aquaria Oceanarium are among the attractions in this six-story building.

Central Market

Completed in 1888, the Central Market building opened as a wet market. It has been restored and is now, in the center of Kuala Lumpur, a heritage site and landmark. The lane next to the Central Market is Kasturi Drive, also known as Chinatown. There are plenty of stalls in the area that sell a variety of crafts, artworks, clothes, shoes, accessories, Malaysian batiks, souvenirs and food stalls.

KL City Gallery

Pay a visit from Masjid Jamek LRT station to the KL City Museum, a few minutes ‘ walk away. The famous I Love KL building, tourist information center, ancient Old KL, the Spectacular City Design Exhibit, selfie area called KL Reflection, live exhibits, workshops and more include several must-see attractions on this national heritage site.

Thean Hou Temple

Located in Malaysia by the Hainan clan, this remarkable Buddhist and Toaist temple opened in 1989. The temple is devoted to the Queen of Heaven (Goddess Tian Hou). The temple design combines modern and traditional styles with multi-level function halls.

The Pavilion

The Pavilion is one of the new shopping centers situated in Bukit Bintang’s entertainment and shopping district. This multi-storey building has over 450 retail outlets with state-of – the-art designer stores, movies, home furnishings, fitness center, food courts, bars, karaoke center and cinema.

Petaling Street

Many visitors go to Petaling Street to taste the traditional and fresh foods available here. Even the locals are drawn to Petaling Street which, particularly in the evenings, seems to draw crowds of people. Lots of fake merchandise stores, fashion items, shoes, souvenirs and gadgets.

National Monument

This bronze memorial was designed to honor those who died in the struggle for freedom in Malaysia and during the Second World War and the Malayan Emergency. Felix de Weldon sculpted the monument in 1966. Next to the National Monument is a statue to Malaysia’s second prime minister, The Tun Razak Statue.

National Museum

This was the site of the old Selangor Museum established in 1898. Since Malaysia gained independence, the Muzium Negara was established and it was officially opened on August 31, 1963. Malaysia’s galleries and heritage are on display at Muzium Negara.

KL Tower

The KL Tower stands at 94 meters and in Kuala Lumpur is a prominent feature. The building’s architectural styles include both Arabic and Islamic languages. It is a cable and radio transmission tower. The tower provides a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. It is also Kuala Lumpur’s highest point of view that is open to the public.

KL Forest Eco Park

Formerly referred to as the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, this is a small patch of initial rainforest that exists in the region. Trees in the woodland reserve are still rising over a hundred years old. The KL Tower is above the eco-park. There are several trails for the public to explore in the forest reserve.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Located opposite Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, this building of Moorish designs. Completed in 1897, it was used in Malaya by the British administration to host divisions of government. The Supreme Court and High Court are using it now.

Merdeka Square

The Merdeka Square is situated in front of the Sultan Abdul Samad Tower, meaning Independence Square. It’s called the Padang by local people. The Malayan flag was first raised at Merdeka Square in 1957 after the lowering of the British flag. That signaled Malaya’s end under British rule.

National Mosque

The National Mosque is one of the region’s largest mosques with 15,000 people capacity. Built in 1965, it underwent major renovations in 1987 to include the concrete roof cladding. The mosque is decorated with Islamic calligraphy, traditional artwork and decorations.

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